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         As a school resources officer, I worked closely with Melissa on a daily basis regarding student misbehavior and a variety of situations including juvenile crime victims, mediation, school safety, counseling and parent meetings. Her ability to effectively address these issues was underscored by the positive relationships she fostered with students and colleagues. I found that Melissa was adept in finding preventive, restorative solutions to problems which resolved student concerns, and frankly, helped make my job much easier. I observed firsthand how her critical thinking and communication ability with staff and students de-escalated volatile situations and contributed to a secure learning environment.


Ray Majeau

Providence Police

School Resource Officer, RI

Restorative Practices, a school and workplace communication philosophy.


The Educated Edge designs a comprehensive, personalized plan that fits your program’s needs:


Restorative Practices Training

• We provide practitioners with a variety of two-day trainings that prepare them in the essential elements of restoration and registers participants with IIRP.


• We provide practitioners a one-day workshop in the essential elements of restorative practices. The one-day training does not provide registration with IIRP.


• We provide students with a fun one-day restorative workshop where they realize the value in getting to know peers and adults in a healthy way, and language to help reduce tension and conflict with others.



Restorative Coaching

• Schools and workplaces can request our support with re-entry meetings, difficult conversations, and mediations.


• We assist school administrators and business executives in facilitating faculty meetings that relate to restorative knowledge and enhancement.


• We provide on-the-ground coaching and modeling of all the restorative supports on the restorative practices continuum.


• Schools and workplaces hire us to facilitate restorative conferences to help restore individual and community-based trust after high-risk infractions occur.









Resource Development

• We help schools review and revise behavior policies and procedures and align our services with other preexisting social emotional curriculum.


• We assist restorative coaches and coordinators in developing in-district resources for certified and non-certified staff.


• We support schools and workplaces in organizing restorative workshops for parents, families, community advocates, and other educational partners.


• We help schools develop a proactive circle video collection that provides examples of engaging classroom relationship building strategies.


Restorative practices will help schools and workplace organizations reduce:

  • Attrition Rates and Administrative Leaves
  • Bullying, Harassment, and other Social-Isolating Offenses
  • Behavior Referrals and Incident Reports
  • Chronic Absenteeism
  • Suspensions and Expulsions


Imagine the emotional, psychological and financial benefit to these meaningful changes.

Building and restoring communities, one conversation at a time.



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